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Our team consists of professional DJs with years of experience in private events and in nightclubs. We know how to keep parties going and we are familiar with the music preferences of every generation. Our available playlists are continuously updated and can cater to any musical taste.


Our equipment, lighting and sound, is our own so we have full control over its use. Equipment is transported to each venue in special cases by our team. We own the latest equipment and we work with companies such as Pioneer, ElectoVoice, JBL, Eastern Acoustic, Alto etc. We only use registered software to avoid any unwanted interruptions during events, so our sound system is guaranteed to offer the best result for your event.


Every event requires special sound coverage which is why PARTY EXPERTS offers a specific plan for the specified venue where each event takes place. Our years of experience allow us to guarantee the best sound for your event.


Turn your venue into a modern nightclub using the latest LED lights on posts, railings and tracks. We have solutions for every budget. The type of lighting and how lights are placed are ultimately the client’s choice.


Impress your guests by using special effects, including smoke machines, snow machines, bubbles and foam machines! For more information, please contact us.



PARTY EXPERTS offers entertainment package deals for Party nights with a DJ for hotels  (Disco parties, Beach & Pool parties, Latin Parties, Karaoke night, etc.). For more information, please contact us.

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